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Multibody simulation

2 years 3 months ago - 2 years 3 months ago #3 by FunctionBay
Multibody simulation is a numerical simulation method in which real multi-body systems are represented by several non deformable bodies (rigid bodies). In many technical applications it is necessary to investigate the dynamic interaction of numerous components connected by coupling elements. In simple cases, rigid bodies are connected via joints, springs, dampers or contact conditions.

In order to investigate a mechanism or a system consisting of several bodies (multi body system), a special software program is needed. These programs are usually referred to as multi body simulation software, MBS software or flexible multibody simulation software. The multi-body simulation software can calculate the structural behaviour of the multi body system with the help of an integrated solver. The solver handels time increments and boundaries like starting conditionsanage the step size and time.

Typical applications for multi-body simulation are shown below:
- Mapping of dynamic and kinematic effects of complex components e.g. in mechanical engineering, automotive industry (drives, gears, steering ...)
- Determination of forces, moments and eigenfrequencies in dynamic systems
- The combination of multibody simulation and the finite element method increases the accuracy of a model. his concerns e.g. highly non-linear systems with deformable materials.


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