A tool for drawing a curve (spline) on a RecurDyn body, describing the movement of marker on another body during simulation. Useful for drawing cams from motion data.

The macro project FBG.CamDraw has a single method Run, which opens a new dialog.

The input dialog requires three inputs:
The cam marker is a marker on the same body on which the curve will be drawn. It is assumed that the cam revolves around the Z-axis of this marker.
The roller marker is a marker on another moving body. It is assumed that this body is a roller which revolves around the Z-axis of this marker.
The roller radius is the radius of a cylinder. It is assumed that this cylinder is always in contact with the cam.
The marker names are given relative to the sub-system in which the macro has been started. This dialog also supports drag-and-drop.
Clicking OK or Apply runs the simulation. Afterwards, the macro draws three curves on the cam body:
A trace marker curve named „Middle“.
An inner contact curve named „Near“.
An outer contact curve named „Far“.
The cam contour is usually the inner contact curve.

How it works
It is trivial to compute the curve that the roller marker describes around the cam marker. This is a closed curve. If the curve is too long it is cut at the points of self-intersection.

This is the marker trace curve. This curve does not represent a contact curve. However, we can use it to compute the contact curve.
The true contact point for each point on the marker trace curve is exactly one roller radius away. The contact normal passes trough the roller center. Assuming that the velocity is always tangentiantial to the contact curve we compute the contact normal and therefore the direction from the roller center towards the curve.
Since we are working in 2D there are exactly two normals for each tangent. Therefore there are two possible contact curves. Usually the smaller curve is the correct cam contour.



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