RecurDyn Chain provides convenient and special functions to model and simulates the 3D chain drive system. The user can get the approximate analysis result in the real phenomenon by the efficient and advanced analysis method of RecurDyn Chain. Noise and vibration cause the main problems in chain systems because of higher speeds and lighter components. Especially, each component has characteristics of vibration according to the engine speed and loading condition.


  • Roller Chain
  • Multiplex
  • Silent Chain


  • Sprocket
  • Roller
  • Guide
  • Chain Links
  • Lateral Links
  • Group Guide


  • Model & simulate sophisticated products quickly
  • Obtain dynamic load history for stress & fatigue analysis
  • Perform “what if” studies in order to refine:
    • sprocket teeth profile design
    • chain link design
    • guide design
  • Study product dynamics:
    • vibration excited by contact with discrete links
    • failure conditions at high speed
    • Design tensioning devices to optimize chian tension


  • Graphical user interface for easy and fast model generation
  • Library of custom geometric entities
  • Graphical or spreadsheet design of sprocket teeth profile
  • Automatic chain assembly with automatic contact
  • Efficient contact algorithms
  • Fast & robust solver
  • Plotting of contact forces and chain tension
  • Subsystem concept for efficient interaction with other model assemblies, such as in a complete engine model


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