RecurDyn-on-Demand Contingent

The chosen contingent enables the user to start to work with RecurDyn and toolkits. The use of RoD will be accurately charged per minute and debited from the ordered contingent. There are three different contingents available:

  • €1.000,00

The contingent is limited to a duration of 24 months, including 12 months of maintenance. After 12 months the user can either decide to reactivate maintenance by ordering again the starter fee (reactivation-fee) or by purchasing a new contingent. Both possibilities include 12 months of maintenance.


Falling below a Contingent:

It is the user’s own responsibility to check the amount of the contingent frequently and to order a new contingent in time and long enough before its full consumption. In case that your RoD contingent shows a negative balance, an automatic warning will be displayed. In order to finish your simulations tasks, a new contingent should be ordered immediately. In case, that FunctionBay GmbH does not receive a new order, and the user tries to safe results of the still running simulation, those will be lost as soon the button “cancel” pushed. Of course, all other simulations and models will be frozen and can be restarted as soon as the contingent is renewed. The user can decide to receive automatically an email with a warning when a certain amount of the ordered contingent is consumed.