MBD for ANSYS (Multi-Body Dynamics for ANSYS) is an add-on module for ANSYS that is used to simulate the transient behavior of a mechanical assembly in motion and is developed by FunctionBay.



1. Consistent user interface with ANSYS Workbench


  • Provides an easy and intuitive modeling experience for Multi-Body Dynamics.


2. Fast and Robust Solver


  • Developed by the professionals of Multi-Body Dynamics
  • Fast simulation using rigid bodies (transient analysis)
  • High performance contact algorithm
  • Complicated multi-body system & Nonlinear contact problems


3. Automated and Intelligent LoadTransfer



  • To generate accurate loads
  • Physical tests, empirical values, or just outright guesses are often used.
  • But this is expensive, time consuming, and often inaccurate.
  • Transient FEA can calculate the loads.
  • But difficulty of use, slow calculation, and poor convergence are barriers to using transient FEA.
  • Automated and Intelligent Load Transfer MBD for ANSYS can generate accurate loads and provides automated and intelligent loadtransfer process.
  • MBD simulation outputs are transferred as loads on a FEA model automatically!

4. Scalability to various Multi-Body Dynamics applications


  • MBD for ANSYS can be used to understand the dynamic behavior of basic mechanical assemblies and generate loads for structural analysis.
  • In addition, there are many applications of Multi-Body Dynamics such as complex assemblies with vibration problems; mechatronic systems that couple mechanical assemblies, sensors and controllers; and complex multi-body systems with chains, belts, bearings, gears and track assemblies.
  • Some systems require the co-simulation of mechanical assemblies and fluids using particle dynamics. MBD for ANSYS lets you export your model to the RecurDyn standalone, high-end MBD software, which is able so simulate such complex systems.
  • Multi-body-dynamics-for-ansys-scalability
  • Scalability to various Multi-Body Dynamics applications
  • Just one click to transform MBD for ANSYS model to stand-alone RecurDyn model for scalability