RecurDyn EHD is used in the crank shaft, the bearing of cam shaft and the motion of considering oil film simulation. RecurDyn EHD analyzes the pressure and force according to the thickness of oil film from the motion information between the rigid body and the flexible body. Also, the pressure applied to the surface of flexible body is defined by the forces type in nodes using the MForce concept. It is possible to deform the flexible body due to a dynamic pressure load. RecurDyn EHD uses the E-CFD solver of RecurDyn and the algorithm provided by MAGNA STEYR.

  • Simulates contacts that occur through a film of oil
    Example applications are bearings on a crankshaft or camshaft or a postion sliding in a cylinder
  • RecurDyn EHD calculates the thickness of the oil film and the corresponding pressure and force from the behavior information of the mechanical system. The effect of this pressure on the body is also taken into account. 
  • Algorithm options for RecurDyn EHD
    • RDEHD (an E-CFD algorithm developed by FunctionBay
    • MEDH (an algorithm developed by MAGNA STEYR)