ProcessNet is a macro program which can integrate RecurDyn into the desired CAE-Design process easily and quickly. Various libraries of ProcessNet were made to automate repetitive works and to provide efficient work environment. ProcessNet API (Application Programming Interface) is based on VSTA (Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Application) of Microsoft and the user can use the program by C# and VB.NET. (C# and VB.NET are the object-oriented programming languages which are combined with debugging and the design function of GUI. Also, the user can directly construct free modeling scenario and can create the new interfaces and functions. Therefore, ProcessNet helps to develop the toolkits of new concepts or the new applications by creating utilities or tools which can interconnect with RecurDyn.

Example of Work Process Automation by User's Data


(System Data)
Model Build Simulation &
Post Process
(Plot Result)



Example of Modeling Toolkit for Product Developments


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