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Master NVH in Gearboxes with Advanced Simulation


Dive into the depths of Gearbox NVH Analysis and Simulation with RecurDyn

Features of RecurDyn for NVH Analysis

Navigate the complexities of Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) in gear systems with unmatched precision through RecurDyn. Our advanced simulation software provides engineers and researchers with in-depth insights into the dynamic behavior of gearboxes, enabling the development of quieter, more efficient, and durable drivetrain components

Detailed Modeling:

Capture every nuance of gearbox design with our detailed modeling capabilities. From individual gear teeth to complete drivetrain assemblies, model your systems with unparalleled accuracy.

Advanced Simulation Capabilities:

Leverage the power of advanced dynamics to predict NVH characteristics under various operational conditions, ensuring your gearboxes meet the highest standards of comfort and performance.

User-friendly Interface:

Navigate through the complexities of NVH analysis with ease, thanks to our intuitive interface. Whether you're a seasoned expert or a novice, RecurDyn puts advanced tools at your fingertips.

NVH Analysis and Simulation of Automotive E-Axles

Discover the cutting-edge methodologies for optimizing NVH performance in electric vehicle E-Axles. This paper delves into how gear geometry, alignment, and innovative simulation techniques can drastically reduce noise, vibration, and harshness, enhancing vehicle acoustics and driving comfort. Through detailed analysis and flexible multi-body system modeling, it provides invaluable insights for engineers aiming to refine electric drivetrain components.


NVH Analysis of an Axle with Bevel Gearset

Explore the pivotal factors influencing NVH characteristics in axle drives with bevel gearsets. This study reveals the significant impact of gear geometry adjustments and alignment on minimizing noise and improving overall vehicle performance. With a focus on flexible multi-body system modeling and advanced simulation strategies, it offers a comprehensive guide for enhancing the design and functionality of axle drives.

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