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Unleashing the Noise Killer

Transforming Dynamics into Solutions

The Integrated Power of RecurDyn and KISSsoft

Experience seamless integration with the RecurDyn and KISSsoft interface, enhancing NVH simulations in e-mobility and machinery sectors. Begin with meticulous gear modeling in KISSsoft, transition smoothly to RecurDyn for dynamic noise and vibration analysis, and refine your designs based on precise feedback. This harmonious workflow guarantees optimized gearboxes and superior acoustic performance, marking a new era in mechanical design and CAE technology. Welcome to a quieter, more efficient future.


Revolutionize Gear Design with RecurDyn and KISSsoft Integration for Superior NVH Analysis

Optimize your engineering process with the advanced NVH capabilities of the RecurDyn and KISSsoft integration. Designed for engineers proficient in KISSsoft, this interface streamlines your workflow, enabling precise gear modeling and robust noise and vibration analysis. Experience a seamless transition from design to analysis, ensuring your gear systems meet the highest standards of performance and acoustic refinement. Unleash the full potential of your expertise and our cutting-edge tools, paving the way for innovation and excellence in mechanical design.


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