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RecurDyn: The Core of Our Dynamic Simulation Solutions

At FunctionBay GmbH, RecurDyn is our premier choice for dynamic simulations, developed by FunctionBay Inc. Our deep collaboration ensures we deliver cutting-edge simulation solutions.

Why we use RecurDyn

Highlighting Our Close Relationship with FunctionBay Inc.

At FunctionBay GmbH, our expertise in multi-body simulation is significantly bolstered by our close relationship with FunctionBay Inc., the producer of RecurDyn. This connection is not only evident in our name but also in our operations. As an authorized seller and supporter of RecurDyn, we leverage this robust partnership to provide top-tier simulation solutions and support. This synergy ensures that our clients benefit from cutting-edge technology and comprehensive services directly linked to the software's creators.

Moreover, our partnership with Particleworks enhances our capabilities, particularly in integrating fluid simulations into RecurDyn. This collaboration enables us to provide comprehensive simulation solutions that cater to diverse engineering needs.

Why RecurDyn is Our Go-To Simulation Software

At FunctionBay GmbH, our choice of RecurDyn for dynamic simulation is driven by its superior performance and user-centric features:

  • Fast and Accurate Solver: RecurDyn combines speed with precision, enabling swift, reliable simulations for complex engineering challenges.

  • Advanced Contact Algorithms: With best-in-class contact algorithms, RecurDyn excels in accurately modeling interactions between components, essential for realistic multi-body dynamics simulations.

  • Integrated FEM: Beyond typical MBD capabilities, RecurDyn includes a fully integrated finite element analysis environment, allowing for detailed structural analyses within the same platform.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Its intuitive GUI simplifies complex simulations, making advanced modeling accessible and increasing productivity.

  • Easy Integration: Designed for compatibility, RecurDyn seamlessly connects with other simulation tools, facilitating comprehensive multi-disciplinary analyses.

RecurDyn stands out for its blend of sophisticated simulation capabilities and ease of use, ensuring that we can efficiently solve a broad spectrum of engineering problems.