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Your Experts in Dynamic Simulation

FunctionBay GmbH specializes in performing dynamic system analysis and modeling. Our core competencies lie in the creation / analysis and calculation of models to deepen system understanding and reduce the need for physical prototypes. For this we use the software RecurDyn

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  • SMT Animation
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  • GearBox Picture H540
  • NVH Gearbox Animation
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  • Crane Animation
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  • Hinge Damper Animation
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  • Missile Animation
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  • Off-Road Suspension Simulation
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  • BatteryProductionSimulation_RealProcess
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Discover just a fraction of our dynamic simulation solutions here. FunctionBay GmbH offers an extensive range of services tailored to elevate your product development. Connect with us to explore the full breadth of our expertise and support designed for your success.

Discover the difference with FunctionBay GmbH, where we excel not just in dynamic system simulation, but in empowering our clients. From beginners to advanced users, our unmatched support guides you through every stage of product development with RecurDyn. We’re committed to elevating your projects with efficient, reliable simulations, ensuring you lead in innovation. With FunctionBay GmbH, gain more than just a service; gain a partner dedicated to your success in dynamic simulation. Let's create the exceptional, together.

Meet the Expert Team

Meet Our Team: A group of esteemed experts in dynamic simulations, each boasting a minimum of 15 years of experience in the field of multibody simulation, committed to delivering unparalleled expertise and insights

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RecurDyn: Advanced Multibody Dynamics Simulation Software

RecurDyn is a state-of-the-art computer-aided engineering (CAE) software, specialized in the simulation of multibody dynamics. It offers engineers and designers a robust platform for modeling, simulating, and analyzing the mechanical components and systems. With its highly efficient and accurate algorithms, RecurDyn is ideal for complex mechanical systems involving flexible body dynamics, contact, and friction.


RecurDyn stands out for its ability to tackle challenging engineering problems, from automotive and machinery to robotics and aerospace applications. It's the go-to solution for anyone looking to enhance their design process with accurate, reliable, and efficient dynamic simulations.
  • Advanced Multibody Dynamics: Precisely simulate real-world mechanical systems, including rigid and flexible bodies, in a unified framework.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive design and visualization tools streamline the modeling process, making it accessible for beginners and efficient for experts.

  • Flexible Body Dynamics: Unique capability to analyze the interaction of rigid and flexible components, enhancing the accuracy of simulations.
  • Optimized for Large-scale Problems: Efficiently handles large-scale simulations with numerous components or complex interactions.
  • Customizable and Expandable: Offers a range of modules and user-defined functions to cater to specific industry needs.